Principals Message


Principal’s Message

Hello Diamond Creek Students and Parents,

I am thrilled and honored to be returning as your principal this year at Diamond Creek. I am looking forward to another wonderful year working together to help your child learn and grow.  Our Diamond Creek community is truly a supportive and collaborative community that I am honored to be part of again this year.

At Diamond Creek we work hard to build strong relationships with students, families, staff, and our community and are excited to welcome you into or back to the Diamond Creek community. I and the staff at Diamond Creek are committed to creating real-world, 21st century learning experiences for the students. Our goal is for students to be collaborating, thinking critically, using their creativity, and communicating with peers, community members, and staff as they learn at high levels in elementary school. Our staff is committed to learning both for our students and as individuals. Strong relationships with our students and families, as well as high expectations for learning, are what make the heart of Diamond Creek.   A rich part of our culture at Diamond Creek is our Villages system that we have school wide. Each of our students, TK-5, are placed on one of our 7 Villages where they remain a team member of that Village for their career at Diamond Creek.  We use our Villages system to build strong relationships across our site, increase student leadership, teach the 7 Habits of Happy Kids, while also creating a strong sense of pride for our students in their Village.

I am continuously inspired by the commitment of this staff to our students and their passion for what they do each day. Many of the staff at Diamond Creek have worked several years together and absolutely love working at Diamond Creek and are truly committed and passionate about what they do each day. They are a strong team of professionals who put students first and constantly reflect in order to make learning experiences more successful for each individual student at Diamond Creek.

Please be sure to stop in to say hello to myself and the wonderful individuals we have staffing the office and throughout the building. I look forward to having a safe and successful school year. If you have any questions please visit our website at or call our office at 916-771-1760.

Thank you,

Angela Garcia – Principal